Chronicle of Voronsky's Life

Early Years 1884-1904

Party Life 1904-1917

Odessa and Saratov 1917-1918

Ivanovo 1918-1921

Moscow 1921-1929

Lipetsk Exile 1929

Moscow 1929-1937

Early Years

1884, August 27 (September 8) Born in Khoroshavka, in the Tambov area, the first child of Konstantin Osipovich Voronsky, the village priest, and Feodosiia Gavrilovna, his wife.
1889? When Konstantin Osipovich dies, Feodosiia Gavrilovna moves to Dobrinka, in the Lipetsk Province, with her two children, Larisa and Aleksandr.
1900 Finishes the 1st Tambov Religious School and enrolls in the Tambov Seminary.
Helps organize an illegal library of almost 200 books for the seminary students.
1904 While a seminary student, joins the Bolshevik Party in Tambov.