The bibliography contained here comes from several major sources. First of all, Voronsky's daughter, Galina Aleksandrovna Voronskaya, and her daughters, Valentina Ivanovna and Tatiana Ivanovna Isaeva, spent years assembling a card catalogue of references to Voronsky's writings and material about him. A second major source is the work done by P. V. Kupriianovskii in preparing the bibliography, "A. K. Voronsky in the Ivanovo-Voznesensk Press 1918-1926." Much of this material went into the bibliography assembled by E. P. Efremov and edited by I. I. Ovsiannikov, which was published in 1984 in Tambov. A second bibliography was being prepared at the same time, E. S. Nezhivoi's "Aleksandr Voronskii -- literaturnyi kritik," which appeared in Ufa in 1983. Additional material gathered by literary scholars outside Russia largely entails references to works which were banned under Stalin's rule, and which often languished in special depositories in the former Soviet Union until the late stages of "perestroika" and the post-Soviet period. Finally, in 2001, Efim A. Dinershtein's biography of Voronsky contains many new references both to unknown articles and archival material.

Because this bibliography is rather large (more than 2000 items), we have broken it into several parts: Books by Voronsky, Articles by Voronsky, Material about Voronsky, and Correspondence. Several of these parts are then divided chronologically into smaller segments.

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