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Leading Bolshevik and Marxist literary critic. Editor of "Krasnaia nov," author of many articles and books. Shot in 1937.
Marxist literary critic who was supportive of Voronsky, but also critical of him. Editor of "Novyi mir," "Pechat' i revoliutsiia," and many other publications; author of numerous works on literary criticism and the development of Soviet literature. Wrote extensively on the Russian anarchist, Mikhail Bakunin. Died in 1932.
Sergei S. Zorin
Supporter of Zinoviev; influential member of Comintern in early years; member of the Joint Opposition 1926-1927; close friend of Voronsky. Shot in 1937.
Marxist philosopher and literaty critic. Close supporter of Plekhanov. Published articles on historical materialism and aesthetics in Voronsky's journal, "Red Virgin Soil." Active in the mechanist tendency during the philosophical debates of the 1920s-1930s. Died in 1946.
The Left Opposition in the Soviet Union.
Documents, photos and other material about the history of the Left Opposition, led by Leon Trotsky.
Material about the literary group headed by Voronsky. Includes information about Guber, Lezhnev, Gorbov, Zarudin, and others.
Material about the publishing house in which Voronsky played a leading role.
Mehring Books
Publisher of anthology of Voronsky's writings, and other Marxist literature.