Chronicle of Ter-Vaganian's Life

1893 Born in the village of Karchevan in the Megrinsky region of Armenia. Both parents were poor peasants.
1902 Sent to his uncle in Baku.
Studies at the Commercial School in Baku; twice expelled for participating in revolutionary student circles.
1912 Joins Bolshevik Party in Baku.
Finishes Commercial School in Baku.
1914 Moves to Moscow
1915 Continues studies at the Moscow Commercial Institute.
1915-1917 Works in Moscow in the Moskvoretskaia organization
1917 January Elected secretary of the Moscow Party Committee.
1917 May 9 Organizes a major strike in Moscow.
1917 May-June Helps found the Union of Working-Class Youth "III International."
1917 September Travels to front and conducts revolutionary activity among the soldiers.
1917 November 1-2 At army conference elected as one of ten representatives to the II All-Russian Congress of Soviets.
1918 June-October During Civil War, member of Krylenko's staff in Red Army.
1918-1919 Elected member of VTsIk [All-Russian Central executive Committee]
1919-1920 Member of Mossovet
1919-1921 Organizes first Workers' Courses [RabFak] at former Moscow Commercial Institute
1921 March 8-16 Delegate to Xth Party Congress.
1920-1921 Member of the Bureau of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk Provincial Committee
1922-23 Main editor of the journal, "Under the Banner of Marxism."
1923, 15 October Signs the "Letter of the 46," throwing support behind Trotsky's policies. [English translation: pdf file]
1924, June 9 One of the founding members of the Society of Militant Materialists and member of its presidium, which also included Bukharin, Deborin, Luppol, Nevsky, Pokrovsky and Timiriazev.
mid-1920s- early 30s Researcher at the Institute of Marx and Engels
1927 May Signs Letter of the 84, document of the Joint Opposition
1927 December 18 Expelled at XVth Party Congress along with many other oppositionists.
1928 January Arrested for "anti-Soviet agitation" and exiled to Biisk in Siberia. Signs "Appeal of the Deportees," a letter from 20 Oppositionists appealing their expulsion from the party to the upcoming Sixth Congress of the Comintern.
1928 December Exiled to Kazan.
1929 October Signs letter of Smirnov and Boguslavsky stating that they are leaving the Opposition.
1930 June 9 Reinstated in Party
1933 January 15 Arrested and sent to Semipalatinsk.
1933 January 17 Expelled from Party again. Accused of hiding the existence of the Riutin-Slepkov group from the Party.
1934 October 23 Reinstated in Party.
1935 May 22 Expelled from Party for "counter-revolutionary Trotskyist work" [Document]
1935 May 26 Exiled for 5 years to Aktiubinsk in Kazakhstan.
1936 July 3 Arrested for belonging to the "Unified Trotsky-Zinoviev Center"
1936 August 19-24 Defendant at the "Trial of the Sixteen," along with Zinoviev and Kamenev. Declared guilty and shot on August 24.
1988 June 13 Supreme Court of the USSR rescinds the sentence of 1936 and closes the case against Ter-Vaganian for lack of criminal activity.
1988 November 5 Reinstated in Party posthumously by Party Control Committee. [Document]