Chronicle of Liubov Akselrod's Life

1868 Born in Dunilovichi in the Vilenskaia Province. Daughter of a rabbi.
1883 Joins a Narodnik circle in Poltava.
1884-1885 Works in revolutionary organizations in Kharkov and Melitopol.
1885 Passes an exam in Petersburg to become a teacher; travels to Vilno, where she joins a Social-Democratic organization.
1887 Emigrates to France, then to Switzerland.
1889 Enrolls in the Commercial Institute in the city of Wintertur, in the canton of Zurich. Does not finish her studies there due to poverty.
1892 Becomes supporter of Plekhanov and joins the Emancipation of Labor Group.
1894 Enrolls in the Philosophy Department at Bern University.
1898 Joins the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party.
1900 Receives her doctorate in Philosophy at Bern University.
1902-1903 Collaborates with "Iskra," (articles in №№ 46, 50, 52, 53, 72) and "Zaria," (№№ 3 and 4).
1903 The "Iskra" group in Bern organizes 8 lectures by Plekhanov on art, 7 lectures by Lenin on the agrarian question, and 6 lectures by Akselrod on philosophy.
1903 After II Congress of the RSDLP becomes a Menshevik.
1906 After being amnestied, returns to Russia.
1909 Lives in the Kaluga Province where she undergoes treatment for tuberculosis.
1910 Lives in Petersburg and becomes member of illegal central bureau of trade unions and the interclub commission.
1916 Along with P. Maslov and A. Potresov, edits the Social-Democratic journal, "Delo." In December 1916 Lenin criticizes their chauvinist and defencist stance.
1917 Becomes member of Menshevik Central Committee and Central Committee of the group "Единство" [Unity].
1918 Leaves the Menshevik Party.
1917-1920 Lectures in philosophy at the Tambov State University
1920-1924 Lectures at the I Moscow State University
1921-1923 Leads seminar in philosophy at the Institute of Red Professors.
1921-1931 Lectures in philosophy at the State Academy of Fine Arts [ГАХН].
1926-1927 Clashes with Deborin in debate between "Mechanists" and "Dialecticians"
1931, 25 January Criticized in the Central Committee resolution, "On the Journal «Under the Banner of Marxism»."
1934 Last book published: "The Idealist Dialectic of Hegel and the Materialist Dialectic of Marx."
1943 Visits the sanitorium at "Uzkoe," village outside Moscow.
1946, 5 February Dies in Moscow.